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Prof. (ret.) dr. Cees Flinterman (Chair)

Prof. Dr. C. FlintermanC. (Cees) Flinterman is emeritus professor of human rights at Utrecht University and honorary professor of United Nations and human rights at Maastricht University.

He studied law at Leiden University and the University of Virginia (USA); he obtained his PhD at Leiden University in 1981.

He lectured at the universities of Leiden, Ghana, Maastricht and Utrecht and worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for several years.

During his academic career, he held a large number of administrative positions, including dean of the Faculty of Law at Maastricht University, director of the Human Rights Study and Information Centre (SIM) at Utrecht University and director of the National Research School of Human Rights.

He was also a member of the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and of the United Nations Human Rights Committee. His publications are in the field of international law, human rights and (comparative) constitutional and administrative law.


Drs. Dien de Boer - Kruyt


Judge (ret.) Laurien Koster


Drs Jaap van Straalen


Judge prof. dr. Rogier Hartendorp