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Problem Solving Courts

Problem-Solving Courts are specialized courts where repeat offenders with certain underlying issues undergo under the structured supervision of the judge a treatment program which is tailored to their situation. The program is designed to get them back on track and help them to integrate socially.


The Problem-Solving Court system was created following the success of the American Drug Courts: Through judicial supervision, many repeat offenders got on the right track. Therefore, the Drug-Court system was copied to other social problem areas, such as mental health related crime, domestic violence, drink-driving, and returning war veterans who criminalize.

Problem Solving Courts also developed in civil law: In Family Drug Treatment Courts addicted parents who have been removed from parental custody can follow a treatment program under the supervision of a family judge that will enable them to regain custody of their children.


Problem-Solving Courts are mainly found in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They ensure a better quality of life for those involved and for society as a whole. The judge uses power and authority to address and solve the underlying causes of problems at their core.